Posh N Sip 5th Milestone, SAN DIEGO.




Another Posh N Sip celebration in the books!
Have you ever hosted a Posh N Sip, or been to one? They’re easy to host and so much fun! read this   for more info on how to host one yourself.
himanishPoshmark has a program called the Milestone Program. Here’s how it works:  In a calendar year (January through December), Poshmark awards any Posher who hosts a Posh N Sip with Milestones for Posh N Sips one through five. See (here) for the individual milestones. This particular Posh n Sip was the 5th Milestone for both me and Jenn (@Jenn_SD) , which meant we would be honored with a visit from HQ, who sent Barbara and Melissa. It really was such an honor to have them, too!milestonegrp2
We Posh N Sipped at Cordano Winery in Escondido, California on a beautiful Summer’s afternoon. This multi-terraces winery is snuggled in the rolling hills of Southern Escondido. It’s location makes for views absolutely stunning and beautiful. The food and wine are also amazing.
Here are some pictures of our party.
We were both presented with a beautiful trophy. Kinda made me want to make an Academy Award inspired speech. 🤩🤩🤩 Lol




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