So you want to make Posh Swag…

I’m noticing a growing trend:img_0313

People (like me) making Posh Swag.

I started making Posh inspired swag in 2017 for the Posh n Sips I hosted. My PFF’s loved my swag so much and soon they began encouraging me to start selling it, so I did.

Now, it seems that a whole lot of us are making it.

The more swag the better! No need to hate on other makers – something I’ve personally dealt with as a maker (but we’re not going to get into that DRAMA).

So, if you too want to start making swag, here are some things you should know before you jump in.

First of all, I want you to know that I say Posh-inspired because I (or anyone that isn’t Poshmark) cannot make Posh swag using the Poshmark logo, or the actual word Poshmark for profit. Poshmark and its logo are trademarked and, therefore, illegal to sell. So, to avoid any trouble, or having your items taken down, DO NOT use those in your swag.


Second, it is very unbecoming to copy (um…dare I say steal) the intellectual property of fellow creators, and people will notice if you do. So, DO NOT! copy fellow creators, even though our work may not be copyrighted or trademarked. Really, nobody likes a biter.

Want to create? Then get those juices flowing and create new, fresh ideas for our fellow Poshers. Be original and people will be lining up for your swag!img_0315



Third, get the word out! Send your swag off to people hosting Posh N Sips, host a Posh N Sip and giveaway your own swag. We Poshers love swag!





Fourth, consider the costs that come with swag-making. Truthfully, Swag making hasn’t brought me much money, but it brings me great joy.

The costs that you can expect are:

  • Softwareimg_0316
  • Cutting Machine(s)
  • Vinyl
  • Transfer Tape
  • Heat Press
  • Clothing and other items to put your images on

These are the main expenses that you can count on, but there may be more.

Fifth, have fun, experiment and sell!

It’s really fun getting the creative juices flowing and seeing your ideas come to life! I look forward to the days I dedicate to creating.

Fun fact: Swag was originally an acronymn for “Stuff (or that other word) We Ain’t Got” – Hey! You brought some SWAG! Where’d you get it?

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