How to host a Posh N Sip


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If you follow me on Instagram, you know that this girl loves to put on a Posh Party!

I really enjoy them, and they are so much fun to host!

I attended my first Posh N Sip in 2016.  At that moment, I really to host one, but I was too shy and I didn’t know many people. So, I asked veteran Posh N Sip host, Jill (@Jill555) to help. She did, although she lives about an hour away north of me!

The party was a success and so much fun! I got to know so many local PFF’s. Since that first party, I have been hooked.

Hey, Mimi, what does it take to host a Posh N Sip, you ask?

Well, not much. First thing’s first: Posh only requires that you have a compliant closet (which you already should have) & that you follow the community guidelines. Next, fill out an application and once you’re approved for your party, Posh will send you a box of goodies for your party! This box usually consists of personalized photo props, stickers, cards for your swag bags, and host gift(s). I recommend that you add your own swag for your bags (it adds a personal touch, in my opinion), but that isn’t a requirement..


How I do it:

  1.  I get a date in mind, and I find a friend or two who are willing to help me put this party on. It is always a good thing to have co-host to help you with spreading the word, and to help you with any costs that you may have, such as giveaways & swag (I like to personalize swag with the help of my Cricut).
  2. I find a restaurant for my Posh N Sip – I prefer small, local restaurants, because: A) I love to support small-local businesses, and B) they’re more willing and able to accommodate large groups at no additional charge.
  3. Once I have the date, reservation and co-hosts set, I create an Eventbrite (example of one of my Evenbrites here). Evenbrites are super helpful with helping keep track of how many guests to expect. In my experience, I can usually count on half of the RSVP’s to show. My biggest turn-out has been 25 guests.
  4. I spread the word for the party all over social media & on my closet (tip: direct share to local Poshers by searching Poshers in your zip code).
  5. Show up & have fun with your guests! It can be a super chill, casual event or you can have something more formal with speakers and all.

What I love most about Posh N Sips is community. I have never made so many friends in my adult life as I have through Poshmark. It’s so much fun hanging out with likeminded people who understand your passion for the app and your love of fashion.


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I encourage you to take the step and host your first Posh N Sip! Need some help? additional pointers? Reach out! I love to help!






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