The Secret Santa Tie

I am my boss’s Secret Santa, talk about pressure! ⁣

I got him candy, some silly socks as requested and I handcrafted decor for his office.⁣

But as I was reading his profile, this tie came to mind! ⁣

And so I gifted him my husband’s tie. This is what I wrote on the note: ⁣

I believe gifts have to have a story. That they have to be practical, that they are better when they are handmade, and that second hand is always best.⁣

Like this tie.⁣

Though not handmade, it is practical, it is second-hand, and it has a story.⁣

Boy does it have a story.⁣

This tie was owned by the greatest man I’ve ever known.⁣

Had you complimented his tie while he was wearing it, he would have taken it off and given it to you without question. Even as a total stranger, but in return, he would have asked for you to listen to one of his infamous dad-jokes which would have likely been made up on the spot.⁣

He was the type of guy who would never leave a room without making at least one friend.⁣

He was a NAVY vet who was funny, kind, wise, easy-going, and always stood up for what was right even if it went against the status quo. ⁣

He would have loved knowing that this tie is going to be worn by an elementary school principal, his best audience after all happened to be 5-12yr olds. They always laughed at his jokes!⁣

Don’t be surprised if magically you start thinking up of random knock-knock jokes, puns, etc. It’s likely some of the Wesley Magic woven inside of it. ⁣

Merry Christmas, I hope you like the story of this tie.⁣

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