International Widows Day

What do these 3 brides have in common?

The 3 of us belong to a club that none of us EVER signed up for… 

The Young Widows Club.

I met these two amazingly strong women through this (unofficial) club (their stories below) .

The three of us lost our husbands 3 days apart of each other.

Kelsey lost her Brad on 2/15/20, I lost my Wesley on 2/18/20, and Sarah lost Scott on 2/21/20.

Today we celebrate (odd word to use) International Widows Day.

We get a day?

So, do we win anything?

How do we celebrate?

How can you help us (or a widow) today?

Here’s how:

Call us!

Text us!

Tell us that you are thinking about us!

Share a funny memory of our husbands with us.

And say their names!




Being a widow sucks!

We hope that you never join our club.

Now drop everything that you are doing and go hug your husband!

Tell him you love him.
And forget that minimal thing he did last night to piss you off!


In her words…

Scott and I were married on 9/1/18. We were friends in college but didn’t date. We reconnected in 2017 and knew instantly that we wanted to get married and spend our lives together. We bought a farm property in Oklahoma and loved spending time with our animals and friends/family. We struggled with infertility since the beginning of our marriage and did 2 rounds of IVF. On my way back home from our 2nd round in Barbados, I got a phone call that Scott had suffered a seizure and heart attach while reaching a college class. Scott was in the ICU unconscious and passed 3 days later. He was an organ donor and saved several lives with his gift. We have 2 frozen embryos in Barbados and I hope to transfer one as soon as Covid allows for travel to resume.


In her words…

Brad and I met in December of 2017. Although both being shy, we quickly knew we deeply loved each other and wanted to spend our lives following Jesus together. We got married in September of 2018. My husband continually displayed the Lord’s love and kindness in all he did and said, including using his degree in mechanics to fix cars and really anything that needed repaired.
My husband was born with a lung defect, which nearly took his life in 2014. After coming out of his coma and beginning the healing process, he gave his life to Christ. The doctors were unsure if complications of his lung defect would resurface, but there wasn’t anything that could be done to prevent it… without high, high, high risks.

Brad then lived a healthy and active life, while being closely monitored by his doctors. He had no signs of sickness until January, 2020. The doctors then tried many procedures, however, he passed away of severe complications at the age of 25 years old. February 15, 2020 is the day he went to Heaven. Three of his vital organs were donated to save lives, which so beautifully displays what he wanted to do with his life, and in his passing: to continue to give of himself to serve others and point them to Jesus.
It’s been four months and I miss my husband more than words can express. I am taking it one day at a time, because looking ahead is too overwhelming. I do know I will see and spend eternity with Brad in heaven. I look forward to that. But in the mean time, God has me here for a purpose.

2 thoughts on “International Widows Day

  1. You 3 ladies will be in my prayers.
    Your post Mimi made me cry. We pray for you and Carlos remembered Wes and how kind he was to our Charlie.
    Love you so much. Un Fuerte Abrazo


  2. Wesley was an amazing dude. We sure miss seeing him around and our little hang outs! I admire your strength, thank you for sharing!


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