Importance of measurements

Now that you have started your Poshmark closet, you will notice what things work and what things don’t. There is SOO much information out there regarding Poshmark and some information isn’t even correct information. So, make sure you are following the advice of credible people – one way to tell is by taking a look at their closets. The first red-flag for me is when I see non-compliant items in their closets. You can’t listen to someone that doesn’t play by the rules.

One of the most important things for me and my listings is to have correct measurements for my items. When I first started this journey, I didn’t realize how important measurements were (see the picture below – one of my first listings). I could have put measurements, described the fit and given the blend. I probably even could have sold it for a few more dollars and made more money with a better description.



Now, my descriptions are more detailed with better pictures. I almost guarantee that this is the reason why I make more money with my sales now.  Descriptions and pictures can really make all the difference. The picture below shows how my descriptions have evolved.



I created this sheet to help keep me organized as I’m measuring. Usually, I photograph first, take measurements second, and then post and all I need is this sheet in front of me. So really, I can post anywhere at any time if I have the sheet with me and my pictures already saved to my phone.

I hope you find this sheet helpful. Let me know in comments if you find it useful.


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