Mimisdbest… or is she?



Allow me to introduce myself.cropped-44083318_10216300998664916_5489684776631664640_n

I’m Mimi. I’m in my 30’s. Married with no children of my own. I sell gently used clothing for-a-living. Seriously. It has become my career. And I’ve been quite successful with it. I worked in retail for many years and I really feel that my experience in retail has helped me in my business.

I sell on different platforms, but I like to concentrate on one and that is Poshmark. I found Poshmark on facebook. A friend of mine had posted about how she sold stuff she wasn’t wearing any more and she made some money. I was already randomly selling on e-bay so I kinda had an idea on how it would work. I posted my first item and literally sold that shirt within an hour. It was totally under-priced, but that’s what got me hooked. Within a month I was a full-fledged Posher.

This is what my blog will be about, for the most part – My on-line selling adventure. I don’t like using “reseller” because of the negative connotations tied to it.

My Poshmark shop, a.k.a closet, can be found  here  if you’d like to get your own closet started just download the app to your phone. Use my code Mimisdbest. The code will give you $5.00 shopping credit if this is your first time downloading the app once you use the credit, Poshmark will give me a $5.00 credit as well.

Come say hello to me on Instagram. Click here to follow me!


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