Throw Back Thursday…

Pre Poshfest Dancing with the girls!

Throwing it back to life before COVID…

I miss life before COVID.

at church

Things I want to do:

Go to church! 

Shop without having to follow stupid arrows and without having to wear a mask!

Drink a mule, wine, a beer, a whatever at an actual bar with actual people!

I miss breweries!

Hug, I want to hug all the people and I’m not even a hugger!

Eat sushi at a restaurant! 

Drink coffee at the little cafe by my apartment while I work on my laptop!

I want to go to a wedding.
Who’s getting married?
Invite me!

Hugging an actual person!

Go to a freaking movie!!!!

Go Dancing!

Go hiking!

I want to go to a Posh N Sip!

I also want to hear those annoying kids that use to play outside all the time.
I miss that too!!!

I want life before COVID back!

There should be a COVID slogan:

COVID, ruining lives and killing vibes 😡

Sushi at an actual restaurant!

COVID rant over.

Thanks for listening!

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